first thing i’ve done in months

I still have a bunch of copies laying around. if you want to do trades that would be great.


Woodwasp No. 1 is off to the printers. First edition of 50.

Featuring: Photographs from an attic, poetry and an essay on Jack Smith from editor Jordan Spencer, a poem and part one of a serialized story from Kaitlyn Phillips, and a short story from Nicholas Gardner.

A couple of my friends just put out this literary mag, grab a copy at


Häxan (1922)

watching this movie around 2009 with AT while absolutely hating living in Columbus is ground zero for us starting meat parts. first issue has been out for a bit but now I’m getting ready to do another one. more comics less meats.

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A Scene From Riot City, U.S.A.

(Collage No. 10)

Meat Parts Issue No. 2

"We finally met. I don’t know if it was the pictures I posted to make him jealous that brought him into my life, or how I managed to woo him with my intelligent discussions to president Obama or Clinton.we have planned a motorcycle outing this weekend, he loves loud pipes. As a peace offering he brought me a dead cat. We have allot in common, my wife even wanted to join in, but why ruin that moment for me. Even though he has herpes and I have vd I think with a little understanding we can overcome that obstacle. I think I’m in love." Upcoming teenageknives doc.2.